LEU NTP Part Three: Spacecraft Overview

Hello, and welcome to the Beyond NERVA blog! Today, we continue our in-depth look of NASA’s new nuclear thermal rocket. We briefly looked at the history of NTP (as NASA calls it, “nuclear thermal propulsion”) in part one, and in part two we took a deep dive into the materials that NASA is investigating for […]

KRUSTY: First of a New Breed of Reactors, Kilopower Part II

**UPDATE: full power fission test is compete! If you’re looking for a description of the reactor, this is the post to read. If you want to know how the test went (except for it went perfectly), check out part 3 here: https://wp.me/p9d3FU-kq) Hello, and welcome back to the Beyond NERVA blog, and the second installment in […]

DUFF, Father of KRUSTY, Kilopower part 1

Hello, and welcome to the Beyond NERVA blog! This was originally meant to be a post about KRUSTY, the small nuclear reactor that has been in the news a lot recently, but it ended up exploding into a four part series. In this post, the first in our series, we’re looking at what came before […]